Parameters of aluminum sheets plate for building construction

Alloys: 1050, 3003 etc

Temper: H24 etc

Thickness: 1.5mm, 3mm etc

Sizes: 4ft x 8ft, 500×500 etc

Overview of aluminum sheet for construction

Aluminum sheets for construction products are easy to cut, shape and manufacture. The aluminum material does not rust or corrode and is ideal for roof repairs, art and craft applications, and countertops

    • For roof repairs or countertops
    • Used indoors and outdoors
    • Reduce the risk of injury by smoothing sharp edges with a file or emery cloth
    • Rust and corrosion resistance
    • Connect to other materials using sheet metal screws or rivets (not included)
    • Aluminum structure, polished
    • 0.019 inch thick
    • Cut easily with tin scissors (not included)

Advantages of Aluminum sheet/plate for building:

1) Long service life, the average service life of an aluminum alloy template can reach 300-500 times
2) All structures are assembled by aluminum alloy plate. After assembly, the whole frame is formed, with good stability and high bearing capacity
3) Realize the integrated design of the top mold and support system, and integrate the early demolition technology into the roof support system, which greatly improves the formwork turnover
4) Aluminum plate support rod is relatively small, the site operation space is large, the personnel is smooth, the material handling is convenient, greatly improving the site management efficiency
5) After the removal of the aluminum alloy plate system, the concrete surface quality is smooth and smooth to achieve the effect of plain concrete
6) Wide range of applications, suitable for housing construction, housing, infrastructure, channels and tunnels, etc.

Applications of aluminum sheet plates for buildings

ACP ( aluminum composite panel ), ACM ( aluminum cladding materials ), doors ( front doors ) home facade curtain wall, sandwich sheeting for house, decorative build exterior wall aluminum plate for decoration, super flat aluminum cladding plate for ceiling panels, building cladding designs using aluminium plates, roof etc

Common uses