how to calculate weight of aluminum sheet

The weight of the aluminum plate can be calculated by the following formula:

Weight (kg) = area (square meter) × weight per unit area (kg/square meter)

Among them, the weight per unit area refers to the weight per square meter of the aluminum plate. The weight per unit area of aluminum sheet varies by thickness and material, and can usually be found in the specification sheet provided by the supplier.

For example, if you have an aluminum plate with a length of 2 meters, a width of 1 meter, a thickness of 0.5 mm, and a weight per unit area of 2.71 kg/m2, then its weight can be calculated as follows:

Area = Length × Width = 2 meters × 1 meter = 2 square meters

Weight per unit area = 2.71 kg/square meter

Weight = area × weight per unit area = 2 square meters × 2.71 kg/square meter = 5.42 kg

Therefore, the weight of this aluminum plate is 5.42 kg. Note that this is an approximate estimate as actual weight may vary due to differences in the manufacturing process and material of the aluminum panels.