The most typical use of aluminum sheet for wall is aluminum curtain wall.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy plates. Its common thickness is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0MM, the model is 3003, and the state is H24.

wall sheet

wall sheet

Parameters of aluminum plain sheet plates for wall

There are generally four thicknesses of curtain wall aluminum veneer: 1mm thickness, 1.5mm thickness, 2.0mm thickness, 2.5mm thickness, and 3.0mm thickness.

The thickness of the more commonly used curtain wall aluminum veneer is 2.0mm and 2.5mm. If it is too thin, it will easily deform over time.

The best recommendation is 2.5mm except for special customization requirements

Curtain wall aluminum alloy veneer performance

Material2~3mm aluminum alloy plate.
Fluorocarbon coating2 or 3 sprays are completed, and the coating thickness is generally 30-40 μm.
ColorColors can be selected arbitrarily according to the design and the owner’s requirements.
LifeUp to 15 years, mostly due to climatic and wind pressure resulting in deformation, the color of the board surface is
TightnessThe four corners are welded tightly.
Wind resistanceIt has high resistance to wind pressure deformation and is easily deformed.
Thermal denaturationThe same material, the wallboard itself has no effect when the temperature changes.
Lightning resistanceIt can be used as a good conductor of electricity to quickly transport the huge current of lightning strikes to the ground through the building grounding system.
Wall panel shapeIt is easy to be processed into special-shaped plates and has a wide range of bending angles.
ProcessabilityIt is manufactured by the factory, adapts to the poor error of on-site construction, and has high requirements for secondary design.
To realize100%.
YieldIt is made by the factory, and the finished product rate is 100%.
Construction QualityThe production factory controls the production quality according to international standards, and the quality of the wall panels is reliable, which provides the premise to ensure the construction quality.
Scope of applicationSuitable for facade decoration, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridges, low-rise curtain walls, and cornices.
Environmental ProtectionFireproof, easy to recycle, do not pollute the environment.

surface treatment

The surface of the aluminum panel curtain wall is generally treated with fluorocarbon spraying after pretreatment such as chrome plating. Polyvinylidene fluoride resin (kanar500) for fluorocarbon coatings, topcoats and varnishes. Generally divided into two, three or four layers. Fluorocarbon coatings have excellent corrosion and weather resistance. It is resistant to acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants. It has excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, does not fade and shatter for a long time, and has a long service life.


1) Aluminum curtain wall has good rigidity, is lightweight, and has high strength. Aluminum veneer curtain wallboard corrosion resistance is good, and fluorocarbon paint is up to 25 years fadeless.

2) Good process of the aluminum curtain wall. The aluminum plate can be processed into various complex geometric shapes, such as planes, arcs, and spheres, by using the process of first processing and then painting.

3) Aluminum curtain wall is not easy to stain and easy to clean and maintain. The fluorine coating film is non-adhesion so the surface is difficult to adhere to pollutants, and more good to clean.

4) Aluminum curtain wall installation and construction are convenient and fast. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need cutting, but is simply fixed.

5) The aluminum curtain wall can be recycled for environmental protection. Aluminum plates can be 100% recycling, recycling value is higher.

Applications of aluminum sheets plate for wall

Design cutting aluminum composite sheet wall panel, aluminum honeycomb wall panel, decorative ACM screen sheet curtain wall, ultra-wide house balcony wall, wall decoration, facade wall carved aluminum sheet, kitchen cladding wall, out side wall mount aluminum sheet, shed walls, wall cover plate for exterior wall protection, aluminum wall guide plate etc

wall sheet application

wall sheet application

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Aluminum sheet plate standard export packing

  • The aluminum plate is paperclip or laminated to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and free of scratches;
  • Plastic film ( HDPE, PVC, PE or PET etc ) protection or hard kraft paper wrapping is used to prevent moisture and rain to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package has a moisture-proof desiccant to ensure the quality of our products in East China and South China, where there is more rain);
  • Installed with wooden brackets and reinforced with steel straps to avoid collision during transportation and to ensure the geometry of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;
  • For export products, we use wooden boxes and pallets with fumigation mark for packaging;
  • We can also pack according to other packaging requirements of customers;