Advantages and disadvantages of building aluminum sheet applications

Aluminum alloy structure has been gradually used in the construction industry, from the initial aluminum alloy doors and windows to the current aluminum alloy mesh structure, aluminum alloy materials have been applied in a large number of building structure projects, and there are various forms of building structures suitable for aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy structure is also used in bridges, roofs and civil buildings, and the basic conditions for developing aluminum alloy structure in industrial buildings are now available.

building aluminum sheet

Advantages of building aluminum sheet

1. Aluminum alloy is a light weight material, which can reduce the load of the building and provides a good choice condition for the high-rise building.

2. Aluminum alloy has excellent performance of waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion, which ensures that the exterior surface of the building is long-lasting and new.

3. Processing, transportation, installation and construction are easy to implement; high performance-price ratio, easy maintenance and long service life.

4. It can be recycled and reused, which is beneficial to environmental protection and has higher recycling value.

Disadvantages of building aluminum sheet

1. insufficient resistance to deformation of aluminum alloy

2. poor waterproof sealing.

3. Very high thermal conductivity, relatively poor heat insulation and thermal insulation performance.

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