Why do companies like to use aluminum plates as billboards?

There are many materials for making billboards, such as acrylic plates, stainless steel plates, glass, etc., but a large number of companies or prefer to use aluminum plates as the material for making billboards. There is a reason why aluminum billboards are often preferred. After all, billboards are a symbol of corporate brand image, and only with exquisite production can they be better displayed.

Compared with other materials, aluminum billboards have many advantages. Otherwise, there would not be so many companies wanting to use it as a production material, including traffic signs used by government departments. They are all made of aluminum plates. The reason is that the aluminum plate is light in weight and easy to process.

Aluminum billboard

Aluminum billboard

Today’s corporate billboards are mostly bigger and bigger in order to show their brand image better and stronger, especially outdoor billboards, which use aluminum plates as materials compared with traditional stainless steel plates and thick steel plates. The net weight of the aluminum plate is much lighter, so that the company can save a lot of financial and material resources during the billboard installation process, which greatly saves the cost of the company’s capital investment. At the same time, the aluminum plate is easier to process, whether it is hollowed out or carved, Or sheet metal bending, it is simpler than other materials, which is why companies like to use aluminum plates as materials.

The aluminum plate also has the effect of anti-rust treatment. Like the 3003 aluminum plate in the 3 series aluminum plate, it is an anti-rust aluminum plate recognized by everyone. The billboards and traffic signs made of such aluminum plates will have a longer service life, unlike stainless steel plates. However, even if the thick steel plate is painted with anti-corrosion paint, it cannot withstand the long-term outdoor wind and light exposure to the sun. For enterprises, it reduces unnecessary maintenance and maintenance, and does not need to worry about frequent replacement of billboards, and can better maintain the corporate image. Even if it is finally recycled and reused, the use value is not comparable to other materials, which is why companies use aluminum plates to make billboards.