What are the advantages of perforated aluminum sheet?

1. Changeable shape and amazing light transmission: aluminum perforated sheets are not only lighter than conventional aluminum plates with the same area, but also have more decorative effects. The perforated aluminum panel has various shapes and strong plasticity. On the one hand, it can be processed into arcs, hyperbola, special shapes, and other shapes. On the other hand, it can be carved or stamped out in various shapes and sizes of patterns, such as geometric figures, landscape painting, portrait painting, and so on. The combination of perforated aluminum sheeting and lighting gives the architectural decoration a strong visual shock.

2. ventilation, easy maintenance: perforated sheet metal sheets because of holes, so good ventilation performance, can let indoor air flow more smoothly, while reducing the possibility of water droplets condensation on the ceiling, making the ceiling easier to maintain and maintain.

3. Ultra-micro pore aluminum plate, sound absorption, and noise reduction: aluminium perforated sheet has a special ultra-micro pore sound insulation aluminum plate, with good sound absorption, sound insulation, and noise reduction effects. Because of the holes, sheet metal with holes allows sound waves to pass through, reducing sound intensity and noise. At the same time, due to the microporous structure of the ultra porous aluminum plate, its performance (sound absorption coefficient and frequency range) is significantly improved, which is very suitable for hospitals, subways, conference halls, stadiums, cinemas and other places with sound insulation and noise reduction requirements.

Some places with high requirements for sound insulation and sound absorption, such as the computer room, can also install sound-absorbing cloth or sound insulation cotton on the back of the aluminum plate to achieve better sound absorption and noise reduction effect.