3105 aluminium sheet with 98% pure aluminium and slight alloy additions for strength. 0.3% of copper is added to 3105 aluminium sheet, so the conductivity turns out to be 41%. For its contents and processing technologies, 3105 aluminium sheet is light in weight and it has semi-smooth surface. Besides, it is not hardened by heat treatment.

3105 has good anti-rust performance, good electrical conductivity, electrical conductivity up to 41%, 3105 aluminum sheet in the annealing state plastic is high, in the semi-cold hardening plasticity is good, cold hardening plasticity is low, corrosion resistance is good, welding good, machinable performance is poor.

HuaWei aluminum can produce the widest 2800mm, the thickest hot rolled 3105 aluminum plate, good performance, reasonable price, welcome to inquire and order.

3105 Aluminium sheet Typical Mechanical Properties

MaterialTemperTensile Strength (N/mm²)Yield Strength (N/mm²)Elongation on 50mm
0.5 mm0.8mm1.3mm2.6mm
3105 sheet0110-15516182020
3105 sheetH12130-1751152345
3105 sheetH14160-2051452234
3105 sheetH16185-2301701123
3105 sheetH18215 min1901112

3105 Aluminium sheet Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties

Alloy TemperSpecified thicknessTensile
3105-O (annealed)0.013-0.01996-145Min3416

3015 alloy aluminum sheet parameters

Temper: O, H12, H14, H16

Thickness: 0.1-500mm(aluminum sheet 3105 0,25mm, aluminum sheet prices 1mm 3105)

Width: 100-2600mm

Applications for 3105 aluminum sheet

Mg, Mn and Si are added to 3105 aluminium sheet, thus, it has excellent correction resistance, formability and welding characteristics. Besides, it has average mechinability and it can be increased in harder tempers than in annealed condition. Oil lubricants should be used for all machining operations. The forming characteristics of 3105 aluminium sheet are pretty good by all conventional processes regardless of temper. But 3105 aluminium sheet does not respond to heat treatment except for annealing during cold working. The cold working characteristics are very good, even in the harder cold working tempers. For all the features above, 3105 aluminium sheet has a vast application in many field.

A wrought alloy generally comparable to 3003 in properties and characteristics. Typically used for building product applications, it can also be used for other industrial applications.

  1. Cap Material. Due to the excellent deep-drawability of3105 aluminum sheet, it satisfies the design requirements of different bottle mouths of wine products.
  2. Mobile Homes, Residential Wall Panels. 3105 aluminum sheet is used as a wall, even in a very humid environment, such as an island, it can easily form a dense alumina protective film on the surface, which has a strong corrosion resistance. If the film surface is scratched and damaged, new films can also be produced quickly.
  3. Other Usages. Color coated aluminum substrate, rain gear, lamp holder, shutters, etc. Anodized3105 aluminum sheet, the surface can be coated with rich colors, so that the lighting fixtures, rain gear and other products have a rich design sense, and do not change color for a long time。

3105 aluminum sheet Packing

Packing Details : Standard export package.
Aluminium Sheet of packaging meet the export standard. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ need. wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery.
3105 aluminum sheet Packing
3105 aluminum sheet Packing
3105 aluminum sheet Packing
3105 aluminum sheet Packing


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