What alloy grades of aluminum plate are used for the sign?

Aluminum sheets for traffic signs are usually made of aluminum alloy sheets with other elements added. Usually, an aluminum plate coated with a layer of colored paint is used as a sign, most of which are blue, green, and yellow aluminum plates. Because of its good reflection effect and corrosion resistance, the color-coated aluminum sheet is widely used in the field of traffic signs to remind pedestrians and vehicles, and can also be used as road partitions. Pay attention to it in your daily life and you will also see aluminum signs all over the place. So, what are the models and specifications of the color-coated aluminum sheets used in traffic signs?

The traffic sign aluminum plate is an aluminum plate coated with a layer of color paint on the aluminum plate. In the aluminum processing industry, it is called a color-coated aluminum plate or color-coated aluminum roller. It can be painted in different colors according to specific needs. Color-coated aluminum sheets can be used not only in the field of road signs but also in the fields of construction, decoration, and electronic product packaging.

The color-coated aluminum alloy models commonly used for marking aluminum plates are 3003, 3004, and 5052 color-coated aluminum coils, with a thickness of 0.25-2.5mm, and the width and length can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.

If it is a general etched aluminum sign, just choose an ordinary industrial pure aluminum plate, such as 1060, which is the most commonly used. Porosity and adsorption properties of film layers and hardness grades.

If it is a simple machine or equipment sign, generally ordinary aluminum plate can be used. If you pay attention to aesthetics, use a brushed aluminum plate (1050.1060.1070.1100-H14/24, 5052-H32, 6061.6063.7075, thickness below 0.3-4.0) or a mirror aluminum plate (1 series: 1050, 1060, 1070; 5 series: 50005, 5052, 5754) to do it.

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