what is corrugated metal

Corrugated metal refers to a type of sheet metal that is shaped into alternating ridges and grooves to increase its strength and stiffness. The ridges and grooves, known as corrugations, run the length of the metal sheet and are typically formed by rolling the metal through a series of dies.

Corrugated aluminium sheet is often used for roofing and siding on industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings due to its durability, strength, and resistance to weather and other environmental factors. It is also used for decorative purposes in architecture and interior design.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal

what size are corrugated roofing sheets

  • 8 feet by 26 inches: This is one of the most common sizes for corrugated roofing sheets. It is often used for agricultural and industrial buildings.
  • 10 feet by 26 inches: This is another common size for corrugated roofing sheets. It is often used for larger industrial and commercial buildings.
  • 12 feet by 26 inches: This is a larger size that is sometimes used for commercial and industrial buildings.
  • 6 feet by 26 inches: This is a smaller size that may be used for sheds, carports, and other smaller structures.

It is important to note that the thickness or gauge of the metal used in the roofing sheets can also vary. Thicker metal is generally more durable and longer-lasting, but it may also be more expensive. Additionally, some manufacturers may offer custom sizes and dimensions to meet specific project requirements.

how wide is corrugated metal roofing

The width of corrugated metal roofing can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific product, but there are some standard widths that are commonly used in the industry. The most common width for corrugated metal roofing is 26 inches (or 2 feet and 2 inches). This width is often used for agricultural and industrial buildings, as well as for residential roofing projects.

Other widths are available as well, including 24 inches and 36 inches. Some manufacturers may also offer custom widths to meet specific project requirements.

It’s worth noting that the width of the roofing panels will affect the number of panels needed to cover a given roof area. The wider the panels, the fewer the number of panels needed, which can result in a faster installation time and lower labor costs. However, wider panels can also be more difficult to handle and transport due to their size and weight.

where to buy corrugated aluminium sheet

Huawei Aluminum Metal Suppliers: You can also buy corrugated metal directly from metal suppliers or dealers. We can provide a wider range of materials and thicknesses for your choice. You can find us by searching online.

When buying corrugated metal, be sure to measure the area you need to cover and choose the appropriate thickness and material for your project. Additionally, make sure to compare prices and shipping costs to find the best deal for your needs.

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Aluminum sheet plate standard export packing

  • The aluminum plate is paperclip or laminated to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and free of scratches;
  • Plastic film ( HDPE, PVC, PE or PET etc ) protection or hard kraft paper wrapping is used to prevent moisture and rain to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package has a moisture-proof desiccant to ensure the quality of our products in East China and South China, where there is more rain);
  • Installed with wooden brackets and reinforced with steel straps to avoid collision during transportation and to ensure the geometry of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;
  • For export products, we use wooden boxes and pallets with fumigation mark for packaging;
  • We can also pack according to other packaging requirements of customers;