Specifications of Aluminum Sheet for ceiling

Grade1 xxx,2xxx,3xxx,4xxx,5xxx,6xxx,7xxx,8xxx,9xxx
Thickness0.2mm – 350mm
Width5mm – 2500mm
Temperall available

Common sizes: 2×2 ft, 60 x 60 cm, 300*300mm etc

Features of aluminum sheet plate for ceiling

Aluminum plate features:

  • Good heat insulation effect: high thermal reflectivity, reducing indoor temperature by 8-10 degrees
  • Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance
  • Strong weather resistance: -20ºC to 100ºC available
  • Strong self-cleaning: good anti-static effect, smooth surface, no need to clean often
  • Good fire safety: heat insulation combustion, heat insulation, fire resistance
  • Strong environmental protection: concave and convex surface, matt, matt pollution
  • Arbitrary shape: it can provide unlimited creative space for architects to create beauty
    Unique structure and perfect visual effects
  • Safe and reliable: all components are rigidly connected and have strong typhoon resistance
  • Light weight: reduce the weight requirements of steel structure and reduce the difficulty of construction
  • Easy installation: easy installation, short construction time, saving project cost
  • Long life: reliable surface quality, consistent internal quality


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Aluminum for ceiling