1060 aluminum sheet is pretty similar to 1050 aluminum alloy with more than 0.1% of aluminum by weight. Both 1050 and 1060 aluminium sheet of Huawei AL, lives up to ISO standards, but they cover different ASTM standards. 1060 aluminium sheet contains 0.05% cooper, thus, its conductivity is 55%. Besides, 1060 aluminium sheet is relatively low strength, essentially pure aluminium alloy with many different tempers, such as O (annealed), H12, H14, H16, H18, etc. what’s more, other aluminium sheet belonging to commercial pure wrought family are available, including 1050, 1070, 1100 and so on and so forth.

1060 aluminum sheet is noted for its excellent welding characteristics and formability by cold or hot working with commercial techniques. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment but only from cold working. Tempers H12, H14, H16 and H18 are determined by the amount of cold working imparted into the alloy. Moreover, 1060 aluminium sheet has good corrosion resistance as well as poor machine-ability, and its machine-ability can be improved in harder (cold working) tempers, such as H16 and H18. For its features above, 1060 aluminum sheet has a vast application, such as electric and chemical equipment, railroad tank cars, etc.



1060 aluminum sheet Have good elongation and tensile strength, can satisfy completely the requirements of conventional processing (stamping, stretch) high formability. For industrial pure aluminium, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but strength is low, heat treatment can not be improved machinability is bad; Gas welding, hydrogen welding and resistance welding, is not easy to brazing; Under various pressure processing and extension, bending.

Focusing on the R&D and production of hot-rolled 1060 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet has high elongation, tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, high formability, and can meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, drawing) requirements. Aluminum’s ultra-wide and ultra-thick 1060 aluminum sheet, with internal stress relief and no deformation in cutting, can reach 2650mm in width and 500mm in thickness, which is one of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum sheet.

Parameters of 1060 aluminum sheets

Equivalent name

a1060, 1060a, aa1060, 1060aa, al1060, al1060a, 1060 aa, aa 1060, jis a1060p, al1060 class, aw1060 grade etc

Equivalent materials



Soft HO, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15, H16, H17, H18, H19, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, H25, H26, H27, H28, H29, H30, H31, H32, H33, H34, H35, H36, H37, H38, H39, H46, H111, H112, H114, H116, H131, H321 etc

Thickness: ( thin ) 0.15mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm,  2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 10mm, 42mm ( thick ) etc

Surface Treatment: Polishing, mirror, brushed etc

Sizes: standard size ( 4×8, 5×10 ) etc


The machinability of 1060 aluminum alloy is fair to poor, especially in the soft temper conditions. In the harder (cold worked) tempers such as H16 and H18 the machining characteristics are improved. Either carbide or high-speed steel tooling may be used and use of lubricants is recommended, although some cutting may be done dry.

Chemical Composition

Si ( Silicon )Cu ( Copper )Mg ( Magnesium )Zn ( Zinc )Mn ( Manganese )Cr ( Chromium )Fe ( Iron )Ti ( Titanium )OtherOthers totalAl ( Aluminum )
≤ 0.25≤ 0.05≤ 0.03≤ 0.05≤ 0.03/≤ 0.35≤ 0.03≤ 0.05≤ 0.15remainder

Performance Advantages

  • 1060 as a high purity aluminum sheet, its latent heat of melting and light reflection coefficient is large.
  • Same as 1050 aluminum sheet has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and weldability.
  • It can meet the conventional processing needs, stamping, drawing and high formability.

Physical Properties

Density2.7 g/cm30.0975 lb/in3
Melting point649°C1200°F

Thermal Properties

PropertiesConditionsT (ºC)Treatment
Thermal expansion23.6 (10-6/ºC)20-100
Thermal conductivity234 (W/mK)25H18

Mechanical properties

Elastic modulus70-80 GPa10152-11603 ksi
Poisson’s ratio0.330.33


Alloy TemperSpecifiedTensileYieldElongation(%)
1060 h12 aluminium sheet/1060-H220.017-0.05011.0-16.09Min6
1060 h16 aluminium  sheet/1060-H260.006-0.01914.0-19.011Min1
1060 h18 aluminium sheet/1060-H280.006-0.019Min16.0Min12.0Min1

Fabrication and Heat Treatment


Aluminium / Aluminum 1060 alloy can be hardened only from cold working. Tempers H18, H16, H14 and H12 are determined based on the amount of cold working imparted to this alloy.

The heat treatment process

  • Fast annealing: the heating temperature is 350~410 degrees centigrade; with the effective thickness of the material, the heat preservation time is between 30 and 120min; cooling in air or water.
  • High temperature annealing: the heating temperature is 350~500 DEG C; if the finished thickness is not less than 6mm, the holding time is 10 ~ 30min, if the thickness is less than 6mm, heat until all the sheet is hot, cooling in the air.
  • Low temperature annealing: the heating temperature is 150~250 degrees centigrade; the heat preservation time is 2 ~ 3H; cooling in air or water

Applications for 1060 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet is widely used in products of strength requirement is not high.. Products are often used in signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, tall buildings and factory wall body adornment, kitchen sink, lamp holder, fan blade, electronic parts, chemical equipment, mechanical parts, deep drawing of sheet or spinning concave ware, welding part, heat exchanger, clock surface and plate, plate, kitchenware, ornaments, reflective equipment, aluminium jacketing plate etc.

  • 1060 aluminum sheet uses: battery soft connection, bus interior, auto parts, aluminum plastic plate, signs, lamps, wide curtain wall, bus luggage rack / floor / pattern plate (used by Yutong), etc.;
  • 1060 medium thickness aluminum plate use: aluminum busbar, car radiator, new energy car charging pile, mold, etc.;
  • 1060 aluminum foil coil applications: aluminum foil gaskets, food packaging, electronic labels, aluminum foil for automotive heat shields, battery foil, battery flexible connections, battery lug material, battery explosion-proof valves, etc;
  • 1060-O state aluminum applications: automotive heat shield, electronic label, battery flexible connection, battery lug material, battery explosion-proof valve aluminum foil, etc;

Popular applications of 1060 aluminum sheet raw material

  • PCB
  • Bus body
  • Cookware ( food grade )
  • Billboard

Why choose us ?

  1. The technology is mature, and the price of 1060 aluminum sheet has huge advantage compared with other high-grade alloy aluminum sheet;
  2. With the international advanced “1+4” hot rolling production line, 450,000 tons of ultra-high production capacity;
  3. The products have flat shape, precise geometry, high surface gloss, good alkali washing effect, and can reach the brush water test grade A.

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Aluminum sheet plate standard export packing

  • The aluminum plate is paperclip or laminated to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and free of scratches;
  • Plastic film ( HDPE, PVC, PE or PET etc ) protection or hard kraft paper wrapping is used to prevent moisture and rain to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package has a moisture-proof desiccant to ensure the quality of our products in East China and South China, where there is more rain);
  • Installed with wooden brackets and reinforced with steel straps to avoid collision during transportation and to ensure the geometry of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;
  • For export products, we use wooden boxes and pallets with fumigation mark for packaging;
  • We can also pack according to other packaging requirements of customers;