Aluminum sheet 5052 application in luggage box

Henan Huawei aluminum sheet 5052 is a non-heat treatable alloy that is weldable. It is hardened by cold work. It has good forming characteristics and good corrosion resistance, including resistance to salt water. For many years, until the advent of 5083 aluminum sheet and 5086 aluminum sheet , this alloy was the highest strength non-heat-treatable alloy commercially available. Although easily welded, it is not recommended for brazing and soldering applications.

Aluminum sheet 5052 size range:1/8″ – 4″ (3mm – 102mm) OD: .20″ – .125″ (.5mm – 3mm) wall5052 aluminium alloy sheet has the following performance advantages:

1, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, suitable for use in marine environments.

2, the surface without skin, bubbles.

3, aluminium surface without cracks, no corrosion spots and trace of nitrate.

Made of 5052 aluminum luggage box because of the low density of aluminium, luggage box texture light, go out to mention the trunk will be more relaxed; 5052 aluminium alloy plate moderate strength, good impact resistance, do not have to worry about luggage Box because of the fall and the phenomenon of rupture; 5052 aluminum oxide oxidation performance, suitcase shell can be oxidized into a variety of colors, very beautiful.