6061 aluminum sheet application for the mold making material

6061 aluminum plate application for the mold making material.With aluminum sheet plate cost mold manufacturing indeed slightly higher, but the aluminum mold price is higher, because of its service life is far higher than other materials, and scrap aluminum can be recycled scrap value; compared to the previous aluminium die casting mould, it have a long life cycle, and does not appear to fall off.

For example with 6061 T6 aluminum sheet,6061 aluminum sheet plate is a cold treatment aluminum forging products, mainly containing magnesium and silicon two elements, suitable for corrosion resistance, oxidation requirements of high application. It has the advantages of good usability, good interface characteristics, easy coating and good processability. It can be used on low pressure weapons and aircraft joints.

General characteristics: 6061 aluminum hot rolled plates interface features, excellent easy coating, high strength, good workability, excellent processing properties, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and processing after deformation, color film is easy, excellent oxidation effect and excellent characteristics. It is a kind of alloy with wide application and promising prospect.

Now some of the hard moulds require 2000 series and 7 series aluminum plates, which are of high hardness, but not suitable for cutting. The cost is relatively high. So more people use 6xxx series aluminum plates.Henan Huawei aluminum provide 5xxx and 6xxx series medium and heavy aluminum plate in stock, single month sawing capacity of more than 100 tons, according to the customer’s different requirements size cutting, neat section, no scratch, sawing efficiency is high.