2024 t3 aluminum sheet suppliers in China

2024T3 ALUMINUM SHEET is One of the most widely used aluminum alloys, it finds applications in a variety of structural areas such as aircraft structures, fasteners, hardware, wheels, screw machine products. 2024 exhibits poor corrosion resistance for an aluminum alloy.

5086 aluminum sheet is used for: boat hulls cabinets and panels equipment processing components hardware marine enclosures pressure vessels shipping drums vessel gangways 5083 aluminum sheet Applications Shipbuilding, Pressure Vessels and General maritime fabricated products. require a weldable alloy of high to moderate strength, with good corrosion resistance. Commonly used in the manufacture of unfired, welded pressure vessels, marine, auto aircraft cryogenics, drilling rigs, TV towers, transportation equipment, and in missile components, drilling rigs, armour plate. Its high corrosion resistance, especially salt water corrosion resistance, makes it an excellent material for marine and processing applications.5083 aluminum sheet performs well in extremely cold environments without becoming brittle and is a popular material for cryogenic equipment. It is easy to form, stamp and weld. 5083 has high resistance to corrosion, and is used in marine applications.