часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: What shipping methods do you provide?

А: выражать, морской фрахт, воздушные перевозки, наземный транспорт, почтовый и т. д.

Q: What kind of trade terms do you support?

А: We support multiple trading methods, Такие как

  • EXW: EX работает ( названное место)
  • FCA: Свободный перевозчик
  • ФАС: Бесплатно рядом с кораблем
  • FOB: Бесплатно на борту
  • CIF: Стоимость и фрахт
  • CPT: Перевозка оплачена до… ( … Названное место назначения )
  • чип: Перевозка и страхование оплачены
  • КОТОРЫЙ: Доставка на терминал
  • DAP: Доставка на место
  • DDP: Поставка с оплатой пошлины

Q: Which currencies do you support for payment?

А: For better cooperation, we not only support the international currency, but also the local currencies of some countries. Such as USD, CNY, EUR, GBP, CAD, HKD, DEM, FRF, AUD etc

We not only have a local foreign exchange receiving account in China, but also Hong Kong receiving account, and Singapore receiving account etc.

Примечание: Please check with our staff before making the payment.

Q: Do you provide samples?

А: In order to customers know more about our products, мы можем предоставить образцы, и образцы бесплатны.

Q: Are you manufacturer?

А: Yes. We are professional aluminum products manufacturer. Our products have been mainly exported, serving various countries and regions around the world.

Q: What is yor MOQ?

А: В целом, for CC material, the MOQ is 3-5 tons each size, for DC material, the MOQ is 6-8 tons each size, and for Pharmaceutical Packing Foil, the MOQ is 1ton each size.

Q: What is your delivery time?

А: Normally 20-35 days, and it really depends on the specification.

Q: Do you have stock products to sell?

А: No, because each customer have different request and logo design. We just produce the aluminum products by customer’s requirements.

Q: What’s the delivery time?

А: Normally 20-35 days, and it really depends on the specification.

Q: To start with your company what benefit I am getting?

А: Cheaper price is not first choice,safety and reliable is most important. With over 19 years experience in aluminum, so far our products have been widely exported to more than 100 countries,many customers of us has keep working with us for over 10 годы. So long-terms cooperation relationship with good before and after sales service is the base we can work together, what you get is comfortable,safety and reliable service.