Waben-Aluminiumplatte vs. Aluminium-Verbundplatte

MerkmaleAluminium-WabenplatteVerbundplatte aus Aluminium
MaterialAluminiumplatte und AluminiumwabenkernAluminiumblech und nichtmetallisches Kernmaterial (z.B. Polyethylen)
DickeDie Dicke beträgt im Allgemeinen 6 mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, etc.Die Dicke beträgt im Allgemeinen 3 mm, 4mm, 5mm, etc.
GewichtLeicht, im Allgemeinen 5kg/m2-7.5kg/m2Relativ schwer, im Allgemeinen 8kg/m2-12kg/m2
Stärkegehört zu Al-Mg-Si, able to withstand greater pressure and tensionThe strength is generally low, and the wind pressure resistance is poor
Thermal insulation performanceExcellent thermal insulation performance, with good thermal insulation performanceGeneral heat insulation performance, is worse than honeycomb aluminum plate
Fire performanceIt has good fire resistance and is a non-combustible materialPoor fire performance, flammable
KorrosionsbeständigkeitIt has good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh environmentsPoor corrosion resistance, easy to be affected by moisture
BearbeitbarkeitPoor machinability requires professional equipment and technology for processingGood machinability, einfache Verarbeitung, und Konstruktion
Field of useApplicable to building curtain walls, bodies, ship and aviation, und andere FelderSuitable for billboards, decorative panels, car bodies, und andere Felder
AppearanceGood appearance, glatte OberflächeThe appearance is average, and the surface often needs additional treatment
Costrelatively high costrelatively low cost
Aluminiumbleche für FlugzeugeGood environmental protection can be recycled and reusedPoor environmental protection, easy-to-produce harmful substances
ReliabilityGenerally has good reliability and can be used for a long timeGeneral reliability, short service life
SafetyGood security, good anti-theft, and explosion-proof performanceGenerally safe, easily damaged by an external force