hard aluminium alloy sheet-7075 aluminium alloy sheet


Aluminum alloy including aluminum sheet, aluminum rods, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum circle, aluminum coil, etc .Materials are including: 5056,5052,, 6061,6063,1100,1060,1070,7005,7075,2011,2017,2024,1050,3003,5052,5083,5754,6061,6063 and other series.

Aluminum plate Specifications: can produce a width of 100-2200mm, length: 200-10000mm thickness of 0.2-300mm between the various products.Aluminum roll (circle) series: can produce the width of 200-1500mm between the thickness of 0.2-10mm between the various products;Aluminum strip series: can produce the width of 10-800mm between the thickness of 0.2-3.0mm between the various products.

Aluminum sheet series: The main products are 1 series, 3 series, 5 series (aluminum and magnesium alloy), 6 series, 7 series of dozens of alloy grades of aluminum, with curtain wall panels. Products are widely used in air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, printing, building decoration, electrical manufacturing and other industries.

7000 series aluminum alloy on behalf of 7075 aluminum alloy platemainly contains zinc. Also belong to the aviation series, Also belong to aircraft series, is copper alloy, aluminum and magnesium zinc is heat treatable alloys, belongs to hard aluminum alloy, have good wear resistance.2000 series hard aluminium alloy sheet is characterized by a higher hardness, which is the highest content of copper, about 3-5%. 2000 series aluminum rods are aviation aluminum, which is not commonly used in conventional industry.

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