The difference between 6061 T5 and 6061 T651 aluminum sheet


The difference between 6061 T5 and 6061 T651 aluminum sheet.What is the difference between 6061 T5 and 6061 T651 aluminum sheet?The 6000 series represents 6061 aluminum, which contains mainly magnesium and silicon. It is a cold-treated aluminum forging product with the advantages of 4000 Series and 5000 Series.The difference between the state T6 and T651 of 6061 aluminum sheet is that the internal stress of T6 is relatively large and the processing will be deformed under normal circumstances; the suitable state for processing should be T651, which is based on T6 to stretch and eliminate internal stress. The main alloy element of 6061 aluminum alloy is magnesium and silicon, with medium strength and good corrosion resistance. And weldability, good oxidation effect. 6061 aluminum alloy has excellent processability, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing.

6061 aluminum sheet plate cut to size belong to Al-Mg-Si series alloy, medium strength, good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. Especially the non-stress corrosion cracking tendency, its excellent weldability, corrosion resistance and cold working, it is a wide range of applications, a very promising alloy. It can be anodized, and can also be painted enamel, suitable for building decoration materials. It contains a small amount of Cu, so the strength is higher than 6063 aluminum, but the quenching sensitivity is higher than 6063 aluminum, after extrusion can not achieve wind quenching, it need to re-solution treatment and quenching aging to obtain higher strength.

It is suitable for applications with high corrosion resistance and high oxidation resistance. It has good usability, excellent interface features, easy coating and good processability. It can be used for low pressure weapons and aircraft connectors.General features of 6061 aluminum sheet: excellent interface characteristics, easy coating, high strength, good usability, strong corrosion resistance.Typical uses of 6061 aluminum: aircraft parts, camera parts, couplers, ship accessories and hardware, electronic accessories and joints, decorative or various hardware, hinge head, magnetic head, brake piston, hydraulic piston, electrical accessories, valves and valve parts,ect.

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