6061 aluminum sheet produce safety bike frame


Bicycle is one of the most successful human machines invented by mankind. It is a complex machine composed of many simple machines. As comes into the modern society, the bike as environmentally friendly transport tool used to travel, and now accompanied by the emergence of shared bicycles, bicycles become more popular people on behalf of the tool.

The bicycle frame is an important mechanical part of the bike, the frame as the skeleton of the whole bike, affecting the correctness and comfort of the riding posture in the greatest degree. Aluminum alloy is currently the most common material used on the market, the use of 6061 aluminum sheet production of bicycle frame has a better advantage than other materials.6061 aluminum alloy can produce safety and stable bike frame instead of other materials.

Aluminum alloy frame is with low density, light weight, reduce the weight of the bike itself, the use of 6061 aluminum sheet alloy bicycle frame to reduce the waste of raw materials, because the aluminum alloy has excellent casting performance, welding performance, cutting performance, easier to process the shape you want. Aluminum products can be oxidized into a variety of colors, the surface form a layer of light generated AI2O3 film that is beautiful and anti-corrosion, to ensure the bike long-term beautiful and durable appearance.

The emergence of shared bicycles provide a broad space for the development of aluminum processing industry, Huawei aluminium aluminum are ready to provide high quality aluminum sheet alloy to the bicycle market, the same as automatic industry, aluminum alloy bike frame must be the tend of bicycle manufacture industry!

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