6061 aluminum alloy belong to commonly used building material


6061 aluminum alloy belong to commonly used building material.6061 alloy aluminum sheet plate is one of the common building materials, in addition to its a little more, can be used as mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials. The aluminum alloy sheet has more specifications and more 5000 series aluminum bars, which belongs to the common alloy aluminum rod series. The magnesium alloy has high magnesium content, low density, high tensile strength and high elongation.

In many automotive industry, as well as the construction industry, precision instrument parts and components in the process of production, will see its shadow.Aluminum products in the process of smelting, you can add some other rare elements, can effectively improve its performance advantages. Among them, in many steel structure building, as well as precision instrument production process, will use the alloy aluminum plate material. Alloy aluminum sheet is one of the widely used materials. Among them, the 6061 aluminum alloy plate sheet is more popular with customers .

We will use all kinds of aluminum alloy material, high strength, plasticity, good corrosion resistance and sliding resistance, and strength is lower than 6061 aluminum sheet, extrusion, can make the shape of cross section shape of complex materials.Many production of aluminum alloy doors and Windows and curtain wall of the frame is marine aluminium alloy sheet plate material, heat preservation and heat insulation performance is higher, but also has good wind resistance, assembling performance, corrosion resistance, can match various home decorate a style.

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