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Aluminum sheet plate

Aluminum sheet plate refers to the rectangular plate made by rolling aluminum ingot, or the plate aluminum products made by heating, rolling, straightening or solid solution aging heat of flat aluminum embryo.

Aluminum plate refers to aluminum material with a thickness of 0.2mm to 500mm, a width of 200mm or more, and a length of 16m or less.It is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet. With the progress of large equipment, there are more aluminum plates up to 600mm wide).

We can custom aluminum sheet by customer’s requirement, such as alloy temper, size, thickness etc

Aluminum plate is mainly used for lighting, solar reflector, architectural appearance, ceiling, furniture, cabinets, elevators, signs, nameplates, luggage, interior and exterior decoration of automobiles, refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, aerospace and military aspects.

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We have 1600 employees, including 87 senior technicians and 28 professionally skilled workers. Our company is persisting in the enterprise concept of “Customers are the foundation of us, Technique are the life of us”. We insist on serving our customers with the best service and the most competitive quality.

We can produce aluminum products by customer’s requirements, and our products mainly includes aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, round aluminum circle, aluminum tread plate, embossed aluminum, mirror aluminum, anodized aluminum, color coated aluminum, heat transfer plates, and other aluminum machining parts, blister foil etc


6005-t5 vs 6063-t6?

Aluminum (Al), % 97.5 to 99 97.5 to 99.4 Chromium (Cr), % 0 to 0.1 0 to 0.1 Copper (Cu), % 0 to 0.1 0 to 0.1 Iron (Fe), % 0 to 0.35 0 to 0.35 Magnesium (Mg), % 0.4 to 0.6 0.45 to 0.9 Manganese (Mn), % 0 to 0.1 0 to 0.1 Silicon (Si), % 0.6 to 0.9 0.2 to 0.6 Titanium (Ti), % 0 to 0.1 0 to 0.1 Zinc (Zn), % 0 to 0.1 0 to 0.1 Residuals, % 0 to 0.15 ...

Material comparison of composite aluminum plate and aluminum alloy veneer

Composite aluminum plate Aluminium alloy veneer The material Two layers of 0.5mm thick pure aluminum plate, sandwiched with PVC or PEC plastic, rolled and hot bonded 2-3mm aluminum alloy plate Fluorine carbon coating The coating thickness is generally 20 μm The coating thickness is usually 30-40 μm after two or three sprays color There are a variety of colors to choose from, color is ...

Comprehensive Guide On 1050 Aluminum Sheet

1050 aluminum sheet has a place with 1000 series aluminum alloy metal. It has a place with an economically unadulterated created family with a virtue of close to 100% Al approx. Notwithstanding the part Al, 0.4% iron is added, so aluminum 1050 alloy has high conductivity. 1000 series aluminum bunch offers the best amendment obstruction contrasted with any composite gathering, so does the 1050 aluminum sheet. An a ...

Aluminium 1100 sheet: Bringing the ripple of a new alloy

Introduction A plethora of manufacturing organizations intend to fabricate the ideal item with the right aspects and guidelines as per the requirement. However, the process of a few things ought not to change. One such material in this regard is 1100 h14 aluminium, and the nuclear number is AI and 13. What is the crux process involved in 1100 aluminium sheet manufacturing? Prior to it, you should know that the ...

What is the history of aluminium sheets?

Earlier in the time, people used to obtain aluminium through welding. At the primary level, rubbing or welding of aluminium was a tough nut to crack. To begin with, it was made to keep in a hollow and big bombshell. The tension and contact pressure were created simultaneously. The tractable strength of joints was estimated after it. As per the examinations performed aluminium welding impacted welding boundaries o ...

The ingrained qualities of 1060 aluminium sheets

1. What is a 1060 aluminium sheet? Aluminium 1060 is moderately low strength and high virtue compound. The aluminium content in the 1060 aluminium sheet is very high compared to other aluminium compounds. Specifically speaking, it has almost 99.5% of aluminium. The biggest pros of this aluminium sheet are its welding attributes. Aside from it, the formability range caters to great consumption obstruction. 1060 a ...