Какую алюминиевую плиту купить из алюминиевой композитной панели?

Разделено по использованию:

1. Алюминиево-пластиковые панели для возведения навесных стен: минимальная толщина верхней и нижней алюминиевых панелей не менее 0,50мм, и общая толщина не менее 4мм. Алюминиевый материал должен соответствовать требованиям GB/T в соответствии с 3880. В целом, 3000 а также 5000 пластины из алюминиевого сплава серии покрыты фторуглеродной смолой.

2. Aluminum-plastic panels are used for exterior wall decoration and advertising: the thickness of the upper and lower aluminum panels is not less than 0.20mm, and the total thickness of the anti-rust aluminum is not less than 4mm. The coating generally adopts fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating.

3. Indoor aluminum composite panel: the thickness of the upper and lower aluminum panels is generally 0.20mm, and the minimum thickness is not less than 0.10mm. The total thickness of the aluminum panel is generally 3mm. Coatings are polyester or acrylic.

aluminium composite panel price
aluminium composite panel price

Classification according to surface decoration effect

1. Coated decorative aluminum plastic plate: Coating various decorative coatings on the surface of the aluminum plate. Fluorocarbon, polyester, and acrylic coatings are widely used, mainly including metallic, plain, pearlescent, fluorescent and other colors. They have decorative effects and are the most common varieties on the market.

2. Oxidized coloring aluminum composite panel: The aluminum alloy panel is anodized in time and has unique colors such as rose red and bronze, which has a special decorative effect.

3. Film decorative composite board: то есть, according to the set process conditions, relying on the action of the adhesive, the color film adhesive is directly pasted on the primer aluminum plate or the degreasing aluminum plate. The main varieties are gang grain, wood grain board and so on.

4. Color-printed aluminum-plastic board: Through advanced computer phototypesetting technology, various imitation natural patterns are printed on the transfer paper, and then various imitation natural patterns on the aluminum-plastic board are indirectly copied through thermal transfer technology. It can meet the designer’s creativity and the owner’s personalized choice.

5. Brushed aluminum-plastic panel: The aluminum alloy panel whose surface is brushed, the common ones are gold and silver brushed products, which bring different visual enjoyment to people.

6. Mirror aluminum-plastic panel: The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished, such as a mirror surface.