В чем преимущества алюминиевого зеркального листа при использовании в облицовке стен?

Aluminium mirror sheets are also called polished aluminium mirror sheet, зеркальная отделка из анодированного алюминиевого листа и т. д.. Опорные плиты из многих сплавов 1ххх, 3серии ххх и 5ххх подходят для дальнейшей переработки в такие листы. Полированные алюминиевые зеркальные листы имеют широкий диапазон толщины, отражающая способность и цена, отвечая различным требованиям рынка для различных применений в декоративных. As a fashionable material, they are winning more and more popularity because of ideal decorative effect.

While being used in wall cladding, aluminum mirror sheets have not a few advantages. As said above, they display an ideal decoration effect, for it’s convenient to make them into various shapes and paint them with any possible designs. The sheets have longer service life in comparison with traditional painted walls. Experiments show that well-painted PVDF paintings last three decades even in severe surroundings, while traditional paintings peel off easily within years or even months. As a decorative part it’s crucial for wall cladding materials to be light as well. Even though aluminum mirror sheets are made of metals, they prove to be much lighter than stone and ceramic plates. This makes it more convenient to install and fix them into walls, and they are less likely to fall off the walls than heavier materials. Кроме того, mirror finish anodized aluminum sheets have strong corrosion resistance. They can be maintained by common cleaning methods without rusting problems. Последний, но тем не менее важный, the sheets cost less than their competitors like marble panels, ceramic tiles etc.