Использование 5052 алюминиевый лист в различных отраслях промышленности

Резервуар для выравнивания и полировки обычно имеет две основные цели установки резервуара., а именно выравнивание и полировка и удаление мелкой пыли с алюминиевого сплава, который был отполирован на поверхности песка.

  1. 5052 плоская полировка алюминиевой пластины: плоская полировальная канавка может не только производить оксидную пленку определенной толщины, но также может значительно улучшить яркость алюминиевого сплава. Since anodizing will make the aluminum alloy that has been sand-bent and polished lose its luster, it is first polished to form a dense oxide layer on the surface to fix the luster, and then anodized to greatly reduce the loss of luster. Кроме того, Shenyang Aluminum Company polishes the profile sand before it is polished to anodize, which requires multiple cleanings, and may remain in the air or in the cleaning tank, resulting in pitting corrosion. If you pass through a flat polishing bath first, a chemical oxide film of a certain thickness must be prepared and protected in advance to avoid oxidation. Before oxidation, pitting or flower-like substances will be generated in the cleaning tank, thereby increasing the yield.
  2. Removal of fine ash: Acid etched ash is very stubborn and difficult to remove with conventional methods. It will seriously affect the appearance quality of the acid-etched material. Although the sand polishing box can remove most of the acid-etched ash, there may still be a small amount of residue under certain special conditions. The leveling and polishing tank can completely remove the acid etching ash, thereby ensuring the quality of the aluminum alloy, and completely eliminating the pollution of the acid etching ash to the coloring tank and the electrophoresis tank.

Aluminum has low density, хорошая электропроводность, thermal conductivity and reflectivity. Алюминий имеет хорошую коррозионную стойкость. Aluminum and various aluminum alloys have good ductility and can be processed with various plastics. Aluminum has a low melting point and good casting properties. characteristic. Let us understand the current uses of aluminum products in various domestic industries:

  1. Light industry: daily hardware, бытовая техника, daily glass and daily chemical industries use more aluminum.
  2. Electrical industry: Almost all high-voltage transmission lines in China are steel-cored aluminum stranded wires. Кроме того, transformer coils, induction motor rotors, bus bars, так далее. also use transformer aluminum tape, aluminum power cables, aluminum wiring, and aluminum magnet wires.
  3. Machinery manufacturing industry: The machinery manufacturing industry mainly uses aluminum alloy.
  4. 5052 aluminum plate electronics industry: aluminum is widely used in the electronics industry. A large number of civilian products and basic equipment are used, such as radios, amplifiers, televisions and capacitors, potentiometers, speakers, и т.п., military products, radars, tactical missiles and other equipment.
  5. Construction industry: Almost half of the aluminum profiles are used in the construction industry to manufacture aluminum doors and windows, structural parts, декоративные панели, curtain wall aluminum panels, так далее. Packaging industry: All aluminum cans are the most popular packaging materials. In today’s global packaging industry, cigarette packaging is the main user of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is also widely used for packaging other candies, лекарства, toothpaste, косметические средства, так далее. Other industries such as automobiles, metallurgy, аэрокосмический, and railways also use aluminum in large quantities.