Почему 2024 алюминиевый лист t3 может использоваться самолет?

Aluminum or aluminum alloys are strong corrosion-resistant materials. These alloys have sensitivity to high temperatures that range from 200 к 250 градусов Цельсия, earning themselves the description, good low-temperature alloys. Their strength increases upon exposure to subzero temperatures and strength is diminished and lost upon exposure to high temperatures.


Алюминиевый сплав 2024 is an aluminum alloy, the primary alloying element being copper. Its main use is in applications that require high strength to weight ratio and good resistance to fatigue. It has the property to be welded but only through friction welding.

Алюминиевый сплав 2024 is annealed from a heat-treated condition between 399 а также 427 degrees Celsius for approximately 2 часы, after which it is slowly cooled in the furnace. Альтернативно, алюминиевый сплав 2024 can be annealed between cold working operations at 343 degrees Celsius for 2 hours and cooled in air.

2024 t3 aluminum sheet APPLICATIONS

Алюминиевый сплав 2024 is one of the best known high-strength aluminum alloys attributed to its high strength and excellent resistance to fatigue. With such properties and characteristics, it is extensively and commonly used in the following applications:

Aircraft structural components (wing and fuselage structures under tension)

Арматура для самолетов


Truck wheels

Parts for the transportation industry

Алюминиевый сплав 2024 in plate forms are used in shear webs and ribs, fuselage structures, wing tension members and other structural areas which require stiffness, fatigue performance and good strength. С другой стороны, алюминиевый сплав 2024 in sheet forms, are used in commercial and military aircraft for fuselage skins.

2024 t3 aluminum sheet PROPERTIES

В целом, any kind of welding is not recommended for aluminum alloy 2024 because of the resulting degradation of corrosion resistance that occurs as a result of weld heat. In the event that the alloy is welded without using inert gas, the heat treatment should be repeated. Алюминиевый сплав 2024 can be forged but a subsequent heat treatment is needed to retain a reasonable corrosion resistance.


This alloy has good machining properties in the heat-treated condition and in the annealed condition. Hot forming is not allowed for this aluminum alloy 2024. Алюминий 2024 alloy is age-hardening and the heat treatment process will strengthen the alloy even more.

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