What is Honeycomb Aluminum Panel

Honeycomb Aluminum Panel is an aluminum panel with a regular honeycomb structure, also known as honeycomb aluminum core panel or aluminum-plastic panel. It consists of two layers of metal outer plates and a middle honeycomb aluminum core layer. The middle honeycomb aluminum core layer is composed of many hexagonal honeycomb sections. These hexagonal honeycomb sections are connected to each other to form a structure similar to Honeycomb-like structure.

4x8 honeycomb panels

4×8 honeycomb panels

Alu honeycomb panels have the advantages of light weight, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, and good fire performance, so they are widely used in aerospace, construction, transportation, electronic equipment and other fields, such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, trains, building curtain walls, etc. The outer surface of the honeycomb aluminum panel can be processed in various colors and surface treatments, and has good decorative properties, as well as functions such as heat insulation and sound absorption.

What should be paid attention to when producing honeycomb panel aluminum

  1. Material selection: The performance and quality of honeycomb aluminum panels are closely related to the selected materials, so high-quality aluminum alloy materials need to be selected.
  2. Selection of aluminum honeycomb core panels: The core material of the honeycomb aluminum panel is an important factor determining its performance, and the appropriate honeycomb core material should be selected according to different application fields and uses.
  3. Selection of adhesives: The strength and quality of honeycomb composite panels have a lot to do with the quality of adhesives, and high-quality adhesives should be selected.
  4. Production process: The production of honeycomb aluminum panels requires strict control of the production process, including the manufacture of honeycomb core materials, the treatment of the surface of the aluminum panels, the use of adhesives, etc., to ensure that the quality and performance of the honeycomb aluminum panels meet the requirements.
  5. Quality inspection: During the production process, the honeycomb aluminum panel needs to be inspected for quality, including appearance, thickness, size, flatness, curvature, bonding strength, etc., to ensure that the produced products meet the quality standards.

How to use honeycomb aluminum panel

Aluminum honeycomb panels is a lightweight high-strength material with good compression, bending and shear properties, widely used in construction, transportation, aerospace, electronic equipment and other fields. The following is the use of honeycomb aluminum panels:

1-Cutting processing: honeycomb metal panel can be cut, bent, punched and processed by cutting machines, shearing machines, punching machines and other processing equipment to meet different application requirements.

2-Welding connection: honeycomb panel can be connected by riveting, welding, etc. to achieve large-area splicing and enhance structural strength.

3-Anti-corrosion treatment: the surface of the honeycomb aluminum plate can be treated with oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying and other methods to improve its corrosion resistance.

4-Application fields: aluminum honeycomb sheet is widely used in building curtain walls, aerospace structural parts, high-speed trains, heat dissipation of electronic equipment, auto parts and other fields.

During use, care should be taken to prevent scratches, collisions, etc., so as not to affect its performance and service life.

1 2 aluminum honeycomb panels

1 2 aluminum honeycomb panels

Application of aluminum honeycomb composite panel

  • Aerospace field: Honeycomb aluminum panels are widely used in aircraft, satellites, rockets and other aerospace equipment, which can reduce weight, improve strength, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance safety performance.
  • Building curtain wall field: As a high-end building material, honeycomb aluminum panel can be used as exterior curtain wall, ceiling, sound insulation and heat insulation board, interior decoration board, etc. It is widely used in modern architecture.
  • Transportation fields such as automobiles, trains, and ships: honeycomb aluminum panels can be used in transportation equipment such as automobiles, trains, and ships, and can be used to manufacture car bodies, sound insulation panels, floors, etc., which can reduce weight and improve safety performance.
  • Electronic equipment field: Honeycomb aluminum panels are also used in electronic equipment, and can be used to manufacture electronic product casings, radiators, etc.

It is characterized by lightness, firmness, beauty, fire resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., and is suitable for applications in various high-end fields.

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Aluminum sheet plate standard export packing

  • The aluminum plate is paperclip or laminated to ensure that the surface of the aluminum plate is intact and free of scratches;
  • Plastic film ( HDPE, PVC, PE or PET etc ) protection or hard kraft paper wrapping is used to prevent moisture and rain to ensure that the aluminum plate is clean and free of dirt during transportation (each package has a moisture-proof desiccant to ensure the quality of our products in East China and South China, where there is more rain);
  • Installed with wooden brackets and reinforced with steel straps to avoid collision during transportation and to ensure the geometry of the aluminum plate remains unchanged;
  • For export products, we use wooden boxes and pallets with fumigation mark for packaging;
  • We can also pack according to other packaging requirements of customers;