Ⅰ: Price list of aluminum plates for door

Date:Based on April 1st,2022-March 28th ,2022 LME Weekly Average Price 3545 USD
No. “Thicknessmm” “Width*Lengthfeet/mm” “MOQton” ” FOBusd/ton”
20.3-0.39Same As AboveSame As Above3755.00
30.4-0.49Same As AboveSame As Above3735.00
40.5-0.99Same As AboveSame As Above3720.00
51.0-3.99Same As AboveSame As Above3705.00
64.0-5.99Same As AboveSame As Above3720.00
66.0-12.0Same As AboveSame As Above3775.00
1.Max width: 2m.
2. MOQ:Besides the regular sizes listed in the chart, for width
62.99′(1600mm)-MOQ 11 ton | 66.92′(1700mm)-MOQ 12 ton | 70.86′(1800mm)-MOQ 13 ton | 74.80′(1900mm)-MOQ 14 ton | 78.74′(2000mm)-MOQ 15 ton
3. Pricing: 1)Starting from width 1500mm, For every 100mm increase in width, the price will go up by USD 30/ton.
2) the Same price for alloy temper varieties : H14,H24,H16,H26,H18.
3)For alloy temper O ,the price will increased by USD 20/ ton based on above listed alloy temper.
4)Same price for alloy varieties:1050,1060,1100.
5)Same price for pallet weight varieties : 2 ton/ pallet, 1 ton/pallet.
6)Price increased by USD 20/ton for 1 ton/pallet.
7)300mm≤width≤900mm,Price will be calculated separately.
4. FOB ports: Qingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai.
5. Lead Time:20-30 days(based on the quantity) against pre-payment.

Ⅱ: Take you to know aluminum sheet plate for door.

Ⅱ-a: Advantages of Aluminum sheet plate for door

First of all, the aluminum material is light and strong, durable, elegant and generous in appearance, and can be customized in various colors;
Secondly, the production cycle of aluminum doors is short, the installation is relatively convenient, and it has good corrosion resistance.
Finally, the sealing performance of aluminum doors is good, especially the effect of broken bridge aluminum is better, which fully achieves the functions of sound insulation and heat insulation.

Ⅱ-b: Applications of aluminum sheet plate for door

Generally used for bathroom doors, kitchen doors, balcony doors, etc.

Custom designed aluminum sheet door, aluminum sheet visors for doors and windows, 5182 aluminum sheets for car door, aluminum laminate panel for bathroom door, cupboard doors, kitchen cabinet doors, triangle doors, aluminum kick plate for doors, etc

Aluminum sheet plate for door


Ⅲ: Parameters of aluminum plate for door

Ⅲ-a: The aluminum plate for doors is mainly 6 series

  1. 6 series aluminum alloys are heat-treatable strengthened aluminum alloy profiles.
  2. It is a deformed aluminum alloy with the main alloying elements of Mg and Si, that is, Al-Mg-Si.
  3. The characteristics of 6 series aluminum are medium strength, good plasticity, and excellent corrosion resistance. In particular, it has no tendency to stress corrosion cracking, and has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, and cold workability. It is a promising alloy with a wide range of applications.

Condition: Super Hard, Heat Treated T0-10.