6061 sheet

6061 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate

Take you to know 6061 aluminum sheet/plate 6061 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate belongs to 6000 series aluminum alloy sheet, The main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon and form Mg2Si. It is a high-quality alloy product produced by heat treatment and pre-stretching. Although its strength cannot be compared with 2000 series alloy or 7000 alloy series, the composition of 6061 aluminum alloy is mainly M ...

Aluminum Sheet Plate For Perforated Aluminium Mesh Panels

Aluminum sheet plate for perforated aluminium mesh panels

Parameters Sizes:4x8 foot etc Thickness: 3mm etc Application: perforated acp sheet for decorative building etc

Super thick aluminum sheet plate

Super thickess aluminum plate refers to aluminium plates with thick between 200mm ~ 500mm. For example, the commonly used aluminum plate thicknesses are 200mm, 250mm etc

thick aluminum plate

Thick aluminum sheet plate

Medium thickess aluminum plate refers to aluminium plates with thick between 25mm ~ 200mm. Unit ( mm ): 25mm, 25.4mm, 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 50.8mm, 100mm etc Unit ( cm ): 10 cm etc Unit ( inch ): 1, 2 etc


5052 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate

What is 5052 aluminum sheet/plate? 5052 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate belongs to 5000 series aluminum sheet, which is highly resistant to corrosion. It belongs It is an alloy that contains 0.25 percent chromium and 2.5 percent magnesium, and it belongs to 5 series. It’s widely used because of its formability and durability. It has high fatigue and medium static strength. It can be used in marine environments ...

0.75" 6061-T651 Aluminum Sheet Plate

0.75" 6061-T651 Aluminum Plate

aluminum 6061-t651 material properties 0.75" 6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6061 alloys. It is a high-quality aluminum alloy product produced by heat treatment and pre-drawing process. Although its strength cannot be compared with the 2XXX series or 7XXX series, it has many magnesium and silicon alloy characteristics, such as excellent machining performance, excellent welding characteristics, electroplating, goo ...

aluminum sheet grade

What is the meaning of the 4 nunbers of the aluminum sheet grade?

The internationally registered aluminum alloy grades consist of more than 1000, each of which has a variety of states and has a very different effect in terms of function and performance. It is necessary to make reasonable material selection according to the performance requirements of the products, the use environment, the processing engineering, the priority of performance and other factors. Commonly used al ...

aluminum alloy sheet 5052 3003 aluminum sheet

3003 aluminum sheet and aluminum alloy sheet 5052 is the most common alloy aluminum plate on the market, Very widely used. In fact, there is a difference between them, for example aluminum sheet 3003 h24 with 5052 H24 aluminum sheet. From the scope of application, 3003 aluminum sheet is mainly used in wet environments, such as product packaging, refrigerators, air conditioning, cold storage, ventilation pipes ...

6063 aluminum sheet plate application

6063 aluminum sheet is very similar to 6061 aluminum sheet. The main alloying elements of 6063 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, which have excellent processing performance, excellent weld-ability, good mechanical properties, extrusion and plating, good corrosion resistance, toughness, easy polishing, upper coating, and excellent anodizing effect. The most common used temper of aluminum sheet 6063 is T1, ...

Application range of curtain wall aluminum plate

Curtain wall aluminum plate has unique texture, rich color, long lasting, and the appearance shape can be diversified, and can be perfectly combined with glass curtain wall material, stone curtain wall material.What role does curtain wall aluminium board have?Curtain wall aluminum board applicable scope? The treatment technology of curtain wall aluminum plate can be divided into two methods, one is anodic oxid ...

Huawei aluminium 6063 aluminum sheet

6063 Aluminum sheet is widely used in frame construction aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, in order to ensure the high wind resistance performance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties, the comprehensive performance requirements of the Aluminum Alloy is much higher than the industrial standard. 6063 alloy has lower strength than 6061 alloy, it is with good extrusion, co ...

The performance of aluminum sheet 1100 h14

Among the tempers from O to H32, the most common temper of the 1100 aluminum sheet is h14, we called it aluminum sheet 1100 h14. The H temper is hard representation, H is followed by 2-3 digits, indicating the subdivision temper of the H. Take 1100 aluminum sheet as the example, the first digit indicates the processing status of the 1100 aluminum sheet: H1: Work hardened temper, indicating that the aluminum ...