Which aluminum plate grades are aviation aluminum plates? What are the advantages and disadvantages of aircraft aluminum sheet?

Most of the items in the construction process, can use a lot of materials, and these materials in fact itself contains to many characteristics, so if you can operate well, can play the effect of one to three, aluminum plate is in such a material.

Aluminum plate has many types of distinction, of course, these different types of aluminum plate use scope needs to be clear, different series of aluminum plate in the use of a great difference. The following is an example for you to explain.

Aviation aluminum sheet generally refers to the 7 series aluminum alloy; and our daily productionwith a lot of ordinary aluminum plate is generally 6 series aluminum alloy; like construction, industry, food packaging, etc. are used in the 3 series aluminum alloy.

Of course, there are other 1 series, 2 series, etc. But today, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of aviation aluminum plate and aviation aluminum plate in detail.

7075 t6 aircraft aluminum sheet

Which aluminum plate model is aircraft aluminum plate?

The common model of aviation aluminum plate is generally 7075 in 7 series aluminum alloy.

7 series aluminum alloy is the hardness value of all aluminum alloys is high, 7075 t6 aircraft aluminum sheet is very strong, has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. It can be used to manufacture high stress structural parts with high structural strength requirements and corrosion resistance, such as the lower airfoil wall panels of aircraft, trusses, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of aviation aluminum plate

1, 7075 aluminum plate after solid solution treatment plasticity, heat treatment strengthening effect is good, in 150 degrees below the good strength, and has a particularly good low temperature strength.

2, hardness strength is very high, but the weight is very low. 7075 aluminum plate after high temperature oxidation treatment, completely inherited the advantages of aluminum oxide, can make the aviation aluminum plate high pressure resistance, impact resistance, welding without fracture, rust resistance and other advantages.

3, the higher the hardness of the aluminum plate molding more difficult, so the aviation aluminum plate cost is very high.