What is the meaning of the 4 nunbers of the aluminum sheet grade?

The internationally registered aluminum alloy grades consist of more than 1000, each of which has a variety of states and has a very different effect in terms of function and performance. It is necessary to make reasonable material selection according to the performance requirements of the products, the use environment, the processing engineering, the priority of performance and other factors.

Commonly used aluminum alloy grades are generally composed of several numbers and English letters, each of which has a different meaning. The following is a detailed explanation

aluminum sheet grade

The meaning of the 4 nunbers of aluminum sheet grade

The first digit indicates the main chemical elements contained

The second digit indicates the number of modifications

Series 1 The third and fourth digits indicate the aluminum content.

Series 2-8 The third and fourth digits have no special meaning and are only used to distinguish other alloys.

Standard is a combination of two standards: Chemical composition standard + plate standard

Aluminum is divided into pure aluminum, hard aluminum, super hard aluminum, rust-proof aluminum and wrought aluminum.

  • 1 series alloy pure aluminum, the most aluminum content, reaching more than 90%
  • 2 series alloy hard aluminum, containing copper Cu, higher hardness
  • 3 series alloy rustproof aluminum, containing manganese Mn, good corrosion resistance
  • 5 series alloy rust-proof aluminum, containing manganese Mn magnesium Mg, low density and high tensile strength
  • 6 series alloy forging aluminum, containing magnesium Mg silicon Si, can be forged (bending)
  • 7 series alloy super hard aluminum, containing zinc Zn magnesium Mg copper Cu, high hardness and high strength