What are the things to pay attention to in the daily transportation, storage and maintenance of aluminum sheets?

Customers can’t consume all the plates at once after purchasing aluminum plates, they definitely need to store them for a few days, and dealers will store them for a longer time, so you must pay attention to the storage conditions and ways during this time.

Avoid because of unreasonable storage, product oxidation, scratches and other problems, today we will talk about the aluminum plate storage precautions.

1. Aluminum sheet plate in the process of transportation, must be covered with thatch, strictly prevent the intrusion of rain, snow.

2. The storage environment of aluminum plate should be dry, bright, well ventilated and free from corrosive climate, while rain, water and snow invasion should be strictly prevented.

3. Stored on the warehouse, also need to use mat wood to separate the bottom of the aluminum plate from the ground, keep the distance with the ground is greater than 10cm, to avoid the cause of rain, moisture caused by the oxidation of the aluminum plate surface white spots.

4. It is strictly forbidden to store with chemical materials and humid materials.

5. Daily maintenance can not use brushes and other hard objects as cleaning tools, should choose soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth.