Three major differences between imported 7075 aluminum plate and domestic 7075 aluminum plate

7075 aluminum plate is the first 7xxx series aluminum alloy plate used in the aviation industry. Due to its high hardness and strength and good mechanical properties, it is also widely used in the civil industry. At present, there are mainly imported 7075 aluminum plates and domestic 7075 aluminum plates in circulation in the market. For products that require high mechanical properties and specification accuracy, imported aluminum plates are generally used. Here Huawei Aluminum Company briefly introduces the three differences between imported 7075 aluminum sheets and domestic 7075 aluminum sheets.

Imported 7075 aluminum sheets are generally based on Alcoa 7075-T651 aluminum sheets, Kaiser 7075-T651 aluminum sheets, German Aleris 7075 aluminum sheets, and Russian Kumz 7075-*T652 aluminum sheets. They are characterized by higher hardness and strength than domestic aluminum sheets of the same brand. The material is denser and purer. Both are pre-stretched to completely relieve internal stress, and the overall performance is better without deformation, but the price is higher.

The most representative 7075 aluminum sheets made in China are Southwest Aluminum 7075 and Northeast Light 7075 Aluminum Sheets. They are currently the best quality products in China, close to imported aluminum sheets, and the price is the highest among domestic 7075 aluminum sheets. They are mostly used in aviation, the military industry, and mold manufacturing. 7075 aluminum sheets produced by other aluminum alloy manufacturers, such as Huawei Aluminum, Mingtai Aluminum, Nannan Aluminum, etc. The scale is also large, and the product quality is relatively stable, but the price is more advantageous.