The advantages and disadvantages of a5052 aluminum sheet, a5052 aluminum plate what are the uses

A5052 aluminum sheet is a 5 series alloy, 5052 aluminum alloy has the advantages of high strength, especially high fatigue strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance, good weldability, polishable, and medium strength.

The disadvantage of 5052 aluminum alloy is that it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and its plasticity is still good when it is semi-cold hardened, and its plasticity is low when it is cold hardened, and its machinability is poor.

5052 aluminum plate has good forming and processing properties, corrosion resistance, weldability, medium strength, suitable for the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, fuel pipes, and transportation vehicles, ship’s sheet metal parts, instruments, street light bracket and rivets, hardware products, electrical housings, etc..

5052 aluminum plate is a kind of rust-proof aluminum, 5052 aluminum plate is very wide range of applications. Especially the construction industry can not be separated from this alloy, but also can be used for high requirements for plasticity and good weldability of industrial manufacturing.

For example, low load parts working in liquid or gaseous media, such as oil tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers and other small load parts made by deep drawing.