Huawei Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field

1. Current Situation of Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field

In the whole auto industry, the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection is becoming more and more popular, the application prospect ofAluminum Sheet in automotive fieldis generally seen to be positive.Aluminum Sheet in automotive field is light in weight and has the feature of wear resistance, good appearance, good formability, high safety factor, the lacquer of the bake hardening effect is remarkable. The promotion of full aluminum body in the field of car, not only reduce the body weight greatly but also reduce fuel consumption a lot, which has a positive impact on energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection. Under this background, automotive aluminum is welcoming the development of new opportunities.

2. SGS certification of Aluminum Sheetin Automotive Field

Believe it or not, many manufacturers can produce Aluminum Sheetin automotive field, but in fact few can meet the standard of SGS certification. In order to speed up the development of Aluminum Sheet in automotive field applications , through a lot of efforts , Hennan huawei aluminium passed the SGS certificate finally, the world’s leading famous inspection certification, a license from the SGS certification means the automotive aluminum of Hennan huawei aluminium meets the world standard from all aspects. So the quality of automotive aluminum from Hennan huawei aluminium can be guaranteed.

3. Futures of Aluminum Sheet in Automotive Field

For years, Hennan huawei aluminium owning a first-class professional technology team and excellent technical equipment has been engaging in the development of Aluminum Sheet in automotive field. The Aluminum Sheetin automotive field of Hennan huawei aluminium shares more than 70% market shares and are exported to American ,Japan, Europe, Australia ,southeast Asia and many other countries, winning the trust and praise of many a customers. Automotive aluminum conforms to the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection. I am sure that automotive aluminum is bound to be widely used in the nearer future! We have always been in the deliberate pursuit of perfection and your satisfaction is our greatest pleasure!