how to distinguish the quality of aluminum plate material

Aluminum plate refers to aluminum material with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, a width of more than 200mm, and a length of less than 16m. It is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, aluminum less than 0.2mm is aluminum, and 200mm width is a row or strip With the advancement of large equipment, the widest can achieve 600mm more materials). Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate rolled by aluminum ingots, and is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, and medium-thick aluminum plate pattern aluminum plate.

The key to a good aluminum gusset is its good flexibility and strength. The identification method is simple: take an aluminum gusset and bend him by hand. A bad aluminum gusset will be easily bent and will not restore the original shape. A good aluminum gusset needs to be bent. It takes some effort, and after bending, it will rebound to a certain extent. This is the difference in toughness and strength between aluminum materials. A good aluminum gusset plate will not bend or drop in the middle after installation, ensuring smooth.

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