How to deal with aluminum oxide spots

Treatment method of aluminum alloy oxidation spots:

1: When the surface of the aluminum alloy is oxidized and dirty, it can be cleaned with an alkaline solution to remove the oxide film that has adsorbed the dirt. After removing it, wash it several times in distilled water. Then boil it in distilled water to seal the pores in the oxide film. In this way, the cleaned aluminum alloy surface will not absorb dirt.

2: Oxidation of the aluminum alloy surface, the formation of aluminum oxide is a dense protective film, which reacts with acid and alkali, but aluminum also reacts with acid and alkali, soaking in dilute acid or alkali, when there is gas, Take it out immediately and wash with water. It can also be sanded with sandpaper.

3: Before the oxidation treatment of the aluminum alloy product, the surface of the product is cleaned by chemical and physical methods to expose the pure metal matrix, which is conducive to the smooth progress of oxidation and coloring, so as to obtain a firm bond with the matrix, color and thickness. An artificial membrane that meets the requirements and has the best corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.