how to buy high quality 1100 1060 aluminum sheet plate

Generally speaking, the surface of 1100 aluminum sheet and 1060 aluminum sheet plate looks very smooth, and it is difficult to distinguish the quality. We can judge it from four aspects.

First,is the composition of 1100 or 1060 aluminum plates pure aluminum?Aluminum content greater than 99% is called pure aluminum, 1100 aluminum content is 99%, and 1060 aluminum content is 99.6%. Other ingredients are iron and silicon.

Second, if it is pure aluminum, how many years can it endure corrosion?The corrosion resistance of pure aluminum sheet is very good. Of course, the higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of aluminum plate is also related to the surface treatment.

The corrosion resistance of aluminum plate is greatly improved after the surface is oxidized by chicken. On the other hand, it is closely related to the environment in which the material is located. Aluminum sheets are exposed to acidic, alkaline and humid environments, and the possibility of corrosion increases.

Third, if there is any impurity in the aluminum plate,they will affect the corrosion? How old is it? How many years?Ordinary pure aluminum plates can be tried for 50 years in natural environment.

Fourth, Is there a machine that can test the composition of aluminum plate?The content of aluminium can be detected by spectral analyzer to distinguish the quality and corrosion resistance of 1100 1060 aluminium plates.