Honeycomb panel and aluminum gusset plate which good?

Relatively speaking, the large honeycomb plate is better, while the aluminum gusset plate is light in weight, easy to shake and deform, and the joint is obvious and not beautiful. The large honeycomb panel appearance level is high, solid, and thick, not easy to vibration, maintenance is relatively convenient.

The large Aluminum honeycomb panel color balance looks very smooth, not easy to produce scratches. Because the outer layer is painted by a special process and is usually finished at one time, the color balance is smooth. Its appearance is highly resistant to corrosion compared to other materials, so it is durable and rugged.

In addition, honeycomb panels have excellent sound, heat, fire, and heat preservation properties. Because the interior structure is closed, air can’t circulate, so the heat is cut off. And its thermal conductivity is very low, will not easily burn, and fire performance is first-class.

PP honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel

Selection techniques for large honeycomb panels

1. The thickness

The thicker the whole honeycomb plate, the better the quality. Mounted at the top, higher quality requirements for profile and keel. The overall thickness of the honeycomb panels is 7 mm and 9 mm. 7mm plate, moderate thickness, hanging on the above, from the cost performance and bearing safety are very good. 9mm thickness, collision resistance, and heat preservation function will be better, and more suitable for high-quality space decoration.

2. Look at the density

The higher the density of the aluminum honeycomb plate, the more resilient it is against external forces. When THE surface OF THE PLATE IS impacted by an external force, the impact force can be transformed into the plastic deformation ability of the honeycomb core, which can effectively absorb the impact energy and play the role of shock absorption and anti-collision. Pentium honeycomb panel is a high-density honeycomb panel with high strength, better impact resistance, and durability.

3. Look at the craft

At present, the honeycomb panel is divided into a honeycomb panel (adhesive honeycomb panel) and an adhesive honeycomb panel (adhesive honeycomb panel). According to statistics, in line with the national standards of immersion honeycomb boards accounted for about 95% of the market. The reason why the honeycomb panel occupies such a high share is that the honeycomb core is permeated by two-component epoxy glue, which has a strong climbing ability and a large contact area, so the surface strength is higher and it is not easy to deform.