Do you know 5083 aluminum machinability?

We offer 5083 aluminum sheet that satisfy the requirements for many industries. 5083 aluminum plate has higher strength than 5052 aluminum plate. and it is also highly resistant to corrosion. It is especially suited for cryogenic applications as it can withstand extremely low temperatures without becoming brittle or losing its other properties. 5083 sheet is easy to form, stamp, weld and finish.

5083 aluminum sheet application: Due to its strength and temperature characteristics, 5083 aluminum plate is used in: pressure vessels truck, marine, underwater vehicles cryogenic equipment””

Aluminum 5083 is a non-heat treatable alloy known for its resistance to extreme environments, including seawater corrosion and industrial chemicals. While featuring limited machinability due to its exceptional strength, AL 5083 is the material of choice for marine and aquatic applications, and is typically used in shipbuilding. Other uses for this alloy include transportation applications such as rail, truck, and vehicle bodies, as well as pressure vessels and food processors.