Can 7075 aluminum plate be bent?

The aluminum plate of five millimeters can be bent too much if it is only required to bend and the quality of the aluminum plate is not related.

7075 aluminum sheet
First of all, is the most important state, the state is divided into rigid and half-hard, soft state (a usually peaceful state called O state) not all complex bending effect basic row (state of aluminum plate is H18, H19 and H38 is all hard) half-hard state of the aluminum plate can be basically bending (H24 is semi-rigid) O state of bending is certainly no problem, but because is too soft, Basically, with this state to bend less, followed by you want to choose pure aluminum or alloy aluminum pure aluminum hardness is not very good, with 1100, 1050, 1060 and so on, it is recommended to use 1100H26 alloy aluminum hardness is better, can use 3003, 3005, 5052 and another semi-hard state can be.

Specific circumstances suggest sample to determine, if, with 6061, 2024, 7075, due to the hardness is too high, especially the T6 state, more should bend, not unless you turn up the heat to fold, poor good aluminum sheet and aluminum sheet is the difference between the oxidation performance, tolerance, surface effect and the accuracy of the crystal and the uniform stability of distinguishing, bending effect is little different from that alone.

If the quality of baking paint on the aluminum surface is not too good, it is also a waste of good use. It is suggested to use 3003-H26, 3005H24, or 5052H34.