Application of 5052 aluminum alloy

For high-grade metal processing enterprises and chassis enterprises, 5052 aluminum is the most commonly used materials in the large amount of chassis and other high-end products, we suggest that in the application of 5052 aluminum sheet , H32 suitable for sheet metal bending process, the application case of more mature production technology.
5052 aluminum sheet as a high-grade alloy products with excellent performance, wide application range of aluminum skin, but the promotion or promotion of 5052 materials in the market is also facing some difficulties, the first is the cost, the use of 5052 aluminum skin material on the face of this cost increase, second is the minimum amount of material, quantity must be 5052 achieve a single specification in 5-6 tons, then is the delivery problem, usually the lead time of this material is not less than 2 weeks, while the stock market is not available.
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