Aluminum plate production process and matters needing attention

Ingredients -> cutting -> grooving -> cutting corners -> bending -> assembly -> reinforcement -> re-inspection

Ingredients: According to the order received by the factory, select the data model, specification, and color, and then transport it to the cutting machine before cutting it.

Cutting: When cutting, first adjust the locator to the required scale. After cutting a small point, check whether the scale matches the required scale. When it does, start cutting, and vice versa, adjust until the fit stops. When cutting, the direction must be accurate. From left to right, from top to bottom, reverse cutting is prohibited; at the end of the cutting, check to see if it meets the specifications, and then place the plate gently in the cleaning channel to clean it to prevent the plate from decorating. The surface is damaged.

Grooving: When grooving, it should be noted that the processing diagram must be analyzed, confirmed and finalized again.

Angle cutting: punching on the angle punching machine, the angle of cutting is not allowed to exceed the center line of the planing groove.

Bending: Be careful not to bend repeatedly, and bend twice at most to prevent fatigue damage.

Board assembly and reinforcement: First prepare the materials and things for the board assembly, and pay attention to the process of assembling the board not to damage the surface of the board.

Re-inspection: Perform a re-inspection of the completed 5052 aluminum sheet to see if it meets the manufacturing specifications and prevent bad effects on the manufacturer when it leaves the factory.