5 reasons to affect the price of aluminum sheet

1. Changes in daily aluminum plate prices

As the basic raw material of aluminum plate, the price fluctuation of aluminum ingot directly affects the price of aluminum plate.

2. Surface spraying process of aluminum plate

Common surface treatment processes for aluminum plate manufacturers include: fluorocarbon paint spraying, polyester paint spraying, thermal transfer wood grain, imitation stone grain spraying, powder spraying, fluorocarbon powder spraying, etc., depending on the spraying process, the difference between them The cost of spraying is also different, and it is generally selected according to the actual needs of the customer’s engineering project.

3. Logistics and transportation costs

The logistics and transportation cost of the aluminum plate is also related to the actual distance of the project site and the specification and size of the aluminum plate type. For example, in order to avoid deformation, the aluminum plate with special shape can only be shipped multiple times.

4. Aluminum plate thickness

The prices of aluminum plates with different thicknesses are different. The conventional aluminum plate thicknesses of aluminum plate manufacturers are: 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, etc.

5. The project area of aluminum plate

Aluminum sheet manufacturers generally provide customers with more favorable aluminum sheet prices based on the purchase quantity of customers.