3003 5052 aluminum sheet is used for rust proof aluminum

Although 3003 aluminium sheet and 5052 aluminium sheet are often used as rust-proof aluminium, the difference between the two kinds of aluminium sheet plates is obvious. Both 3003 and 5052 aluminium sheets are the most common alloy aluminium sheets in the market, and they are the two most representative brands of aluminium sheets.

Although they are widely used, many people do not know the difference between them.

1.look at the chemical composition, the 3003 aluminum sheet is al Mn alloy, and the main alloying element is manganese. 5052 aluminum sheet is Al Mg alloy, the main alloying element is magnesium. The aluminum content of 3003 aluminum sheet plate is slightly higher than that of 5052 aluminum sheet plate.

2. In terms of mechanical properties, the tensile strength of 3003 H24 aluminium sheet is 145-195Rm/MPa, while that of 5052 H24 aluminium sheet is 230-280Rm/MPa, much higher than that of 3003H24 aluminium sheet, and that of 3003H24 aluminium sheet is 115Rm/MPa, while that of 5052H24 aluminium sheet is 150Rm/MPa. Therefore, the performance of the 5052 aluminum plate is obviously better than that of the 3003 aluminum plate.

3. From the common specifications, 3003 aluminium sheet is mainly thin alu plate, but the application of thick plate is not much; 5052 aluminium sheet is widely used in addition to thin plate.

4. From the scope of application, 3003 aluminum sheet is mainly used in humid environment, such as product packaging, refrigerators, air conditioning, cold storage, ventilation pipelines and so on. The 5052 aluminium sheet is commonly used in electrical shell, traffic vehicle, pressure vessel and so on. It is a common material for manufacturing automobile, aircraft fuel tank and fuel pipe.

5. From the price of aluminium sheet, the price of 3003 aluminium sheet is slightly higher than that of pure aluminium sheet, while the price of 5052 aluminium sheet is obviously higher than that of 3003 aluminium sheet. According to different specifications and thickness, the price of 5052 aluminium sheet per ton is about 2000-3000 yuan higher than that of 3003 aluminium sheet per ton.