1050 एल्यूमीनियम शीट

की एल्यूमीनियम सामग्री 1050 aluminum sheet can reach 99.5%, so the 1050 aluminum sheet is also called pure aluminum sheet. It belongs to the common product. The advantage of 1050 aluminum sheet is having mature technology, and the price with other aluminum alloy has a great advantage.

सामान्य स्थिति 1050 एल्यूमीनियम शीट is divided into O, एच12, एच14, H16, एच18, एच112, एच२२, एच24, एच26, एच28, एच38, एच36, H32 and so on.
1050 aluminum sheet has good elongation, high formability and tensile strength, and it can fully able to meet the requirements of conventional processing (मुद्रांकन, stretching). 1050 aluminum sheets are industrial pure aluminum with high plasticity, जंग प्रतिरोध, विद्युत चालकता और तापीय चालकता. But the strength is low, the heat treatment can not strengthen and the machinability is not good. एक ही समय पर, 1050 aluminum sheet can gas welding, हाइड्रोजन वेल्डिंग और प्रतिरोध वेल्डिंग, but brazing is not easy. इसके साथ - साथ, it also withstand the pressures such as processing, drawing and bending.
1050 aluminum alloy sheet is formed by the addition of a small amount of copper in pure aluminum, which has excellent forming characteristics, उच्च संक्षारण प्रतिरोध, good weldability and conductivity. 1050 aluminum sheet is widely used in products with low strength requirements. 1050 aluminum sheet products are commonly used in signs, होर्डिंग, फैक्टरी मूल्य थोक एल्यूमीनियम शीट एल्यूमीनियम समग्र पैनल के लिए कच्चा माल, पानी की टंकी, construction machinery and electronics industry, ब्लू फिल्म के साथ 5xxx एल्यूमीनियम शीट से संबंधित, product packaging and so on.

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