Sie wissen vielleicht nicht, wie Sie herausfinden, welche Aluminiumblechlegierungen am besten sind

Sie wissen vielleicht nicht, wie Sie herausfinden können, welche Aluminiumblechlegierungen am besten sind.Aluminiumblech,also named as Aluminiumlegierungsblech,ist eine längliche Platte, die aus Aluminiummaterial hergestellt wird. Nach verschiedenen Legierungsaluminiumblechelementen, die aluminiumblechlegierungen können unterteilt werden in 8 Serie hauptsächlich. Viele Freunde wollen herausfinden, welche Aluminiumplatte am besten ist, but different series have different application scale with different function. What you should do is to find the most appropriate one.

Here is an example for your of 1 Serie und 2 Serie, 1 series aluminum sheet have the product 1050 Aluminiumteller, 1060 Aluminiumteller , 1070 Aluminiumplatte und 1100 Aluminiumblechplatte. The product performance shows of different status, different aluminum content, and different specifications. 1 Serie Aluminiumplatte ist auch als reines Aluminium bekannt, they have the most aluminum content in all series , the purity can reach more than 99.00%. Die 1 series aluminum do not contains other elements, so they are widely used in daily life and industry,such as daily necessities, lighting appliances, Dekoration, bottle tops,B billboard, Außendekoration des Gebäudes. While 2 series aluminum sheet alloys: on behalf of the 2014,2017,2024 Aluminiumteller. 2 Serie Aluminiumplatte zeichnet sich durch hohe Härte aus, there are other metal elements , copper is the highest one, Über 3-5%. 2 Serie Aluminiumplatte gehört zum Luftfahrtaluminium, they are used in aircraft heavy thick plate, forgings, extrusion materials, wheels structure, Nieten, general machinery parts, transportation structure of propeller and fittings. This is the difference between 1 Serie und 2 Serie Aluminiumplatte, if you have other demands, you can follow the principle of search by requirements to find the appropriate kind. With all the series from 1 zu 8, henan huawei grown up quickly with advanced technical and perfect service, every customer highly estimate henan huawei after the trade order,most of them are willing to cooperate with henan huawei again and again, good reputation of henan huawei are spread worldwide!