Welche Aluminiumplattenmaterialien können gebogen werden??

Die Härte der Aluminiumplatte ist der Schlüssel dafür, ob die Biegung rissig ist. Die Härte der Aluminiumplatte ist zu hoch und sie ist leicht zu knacken. Die Härte der Aluminiumplatte hängt von der Qualität und dem Zustand der Aluminiumplatte ab.

  1. Biegbare Serie von Aluminiumblechen: in der Regel 1 Serie, 3 Serie, und 5 Serien-Aluminiumplatten werden oft zum Biegen verwendet.
  2. Series of aluminum plates that are not used for bending: Die 6 Serie und 7 series have high hardness. Allgemein, they are delivered in the state of medium-thick aluminum plates. They are not used for bending. If they are bent, they must be annealed to the 0 state before they can be bent.

The relationship between the state of the aluminum plate and the bending

  1. Die Härte von reinem Aluminium ist nicht sehr hoch, and the commonly used ones are 1060, 1100, 1050, usw., which can be bent;
  2. 3 series aluminum manganese alloy aluminum plate: 3003, 3005, 3A21, etc. can also be bent;
  3. 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, 5052H32 is the most commonly used, it will not crack when bent at 90 degrees.

The relationship between the state of the aluminum plate and the bending

The state of aluminum plate is divided into full hard, halbhart, und weicher Zustand (normalerweise wird der weiche Zustand O-Zustand genannt)

  1. Hard state: The bending effect of full hard is basically not very good, such as H18, H19, H38, etc. sind alle schwer, 6061, 2024, 7075 T6, T651 are hardened plates and cannot be bent;
  2. Semi-hard: Semi-hard aluminum plates can basically be bent, such as H24;
  3. Soft state: 0 state, 5052-0 state, 5083-0 state, usw., soft bending is definitely no problem, and the bending zero degree angle is 180 degrees. This state must be used, which is suitable for some special-purpose products. Because it is too soft and low in strength, it has relatively few applications.