High performance mirror aluminum sheet 3003


Aluminum-manganese alloy mirror aluminum sheet 3003 has good performance in rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Anyone who knows mirror aluminum sheets knows that there are many specific varieties in terms of materials and crafts.

From the material point of view, there are three main types, the pure aluminum mirror sheet, the Al-Mn aluminum mirror sheet and Al-Mg mirror aluminum sheet, among them, the aluminum-manganese alloy mirror aluminum sheets have good performance in rust resistance and corrosion resistance, and the quality and performance are at a medium level.

The aluminum-manganese alloy mirror aluminum sheet is a kind of rust-proof aluminum from the material point of view. It has certain anti-rust performance under the material& s promotion, and can be used in the case of less strict anti-rust, and it is not easy to appear rust.

Compared with the ordinary aluminum alloy mirror aluminum sheet, the aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum mirror sheet 30030has slightly higher strength, which means that the 3003 aluminum mirror sheet can with stand the external force when it is used, and it is not easy to damage the structure due to the impact of external force, and relatively more capable to maintain a stable structural state during use to ensure reliable functioning.

The mirror aluminum sheet 3003 has a certain corrosion resistance, although it does not reach the degree of hardness and corrosion resistance of the aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum mirror sheet, but it is better than the mirror aluminum sheet alloy of the ordinary alloy composition.

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