Where can i find 2024 aluminum sheet suppliers?


2024 aluminum sheet is the typical hard aluminum alloy, its composition is reasonable, comprehensive performance is better, is the largest amount of hard aluminum.

2024 Aluminum is a high strength precipitation/age hardening alloy with excellent fatigue resistance and durability. Used typically in structural, aircraft, and truck component manufacture, as well as hardware applications, aluminum 2024 is one of the strongest metals available. Alloy 2024 is mainly aluminum based, with copper and manganese being the other major chemical properties. Standard specifications for 2024 include AMS 4037, AMS 4120 and more.

Where can i find 2024 aluminum sheet suppliers?

we have 25+ years of experience supplying 2024 aluminum sheet, plate, bar and more to your custom measurements. Our forging process includes open die forgings, ring rolling and more. Additionally, we provide 2024 aluminum heat treatment. See below for a list of common 2024 alloy forged shapes and additional product forms we offer.

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