6082 aluminum sheet introduction and development


6082 aluminum sheet contains Mn as the alloy element, and Mn is refractory metal. Therefore the 6082 aluminum plate has good quality, oxidation resistant, beautiful surface, durable, durable, resistant to impact and wear, the material looks very good, very thick and very strong.

The main temper of 6082 aluminum sheet are O, T4, T6 and T651, the thickness is 0.3-600 mm, the width is 500-2600 mm, the length is 500-16000 mm. The typical product are aircraft parts, camera lens, industrial mold, truck hub, hardware accessories, air conditioning pipe, automobile special aluminum and so on.In recent years, with the development of shipbuilding industry in China and abroad, reducing the weight of the ship, improving the speed of the ship, and seeking the replacement of the steel parts of the aluminum alloy materials have become an important subject in the aluminum processing industry and shipbuilding industry.

6082 aluminum sheet has moderate strength, good corrosion resistance and light weight. Therefore, with 5083, 5083, 6061, 6063 aluminum sheet, 6082 aluminum is an ideal material for manufacturing high-speed ship parts. Not only in sheet shape, other product type like aluminum bar and aluminum profile, 6082 aluminum still has other application and development.

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